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Stuff to sell, mostly 40k.

Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:22 am
by XionXxen
I have been asked to sell lot of models on behalf of someone, thought I would see if anyone here was interested in any. The majority are well painted, the chapter is mainly black/dark grey with a double white bird logo, and some flame iconography. There is:

5-man Tactical Terminator
5-man Assault Terminator
10-man Tac Squad
5-man Assault Squad (Vanguard?)
5-man Assault Squad (no packs)
7-man Command Squad
5-man Devastator Squad
5-man Squad with Special weapons
1 weird mutated marine
1 IG Assassin
5-man IG command squad
5-man Stormtroopers
21-man Eldar Guardian Squad with Heavy
5-man Striking Scorpions
7-man Warlock Council
1 Jetbike

3 Cyclone Terminators
2 LC Terminators
5-man Scout Squad
5-man Stormtroopers
10-woman Sisters of Battle Squad
1 Farseer
2 incomplete Jetbikes
1 incomplete Vyper
16 unassembled Guardians
IG Astropath
2 IG psykers

Plus I've got a lot of Eldar, Choas/Zombie/IG, Space Marine (lots of assault packs) sprues. I think I even have some High Elf, and some Bretonnian Horses.

There is also a Black GW carry case.

I am planning to start selling on eBay over the next few weeks if no-one is interested.

Re: Stuff to sell, mostly 40k.

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 1:38 pm
by Sog Yogurt
These are nice, maybe this person should be persuaded to stay in 'The Hobby' before selling off his treasures?