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New Terrain System

Postby Tom Kent » Tue May 21, 2013 12:03 pm

In a bid to make setting up and packing away wargaming tables faster and easier, we have implemented a new terrain system.

Every table will have it's own box of terrain placed on it at the beginning of the night. When you arrive, pick any table and use the terrain in the supplied box to play with. At the end of the night just put all of the terrain straight back in that box. This should help speed up our closing time so we can spend more time gaming :D

Each box is similarly themed to provide a matching terrain set, contains a variety of terrain types and has more than enough terrain to cover a table.

This should eliminate carrying bits and bobs of terrain backwards and forwards to the front, and trying to squeeze terrain into any old box to make them fit. The new method should also help prevent terrain becoming damaged through squeezing too much into one box.

To aid in this we've also colour coordinated (most of) the terrain and the boxes, so coloured stickers on the bottom of the terrain matches coloured stickers on the box it lives in. (Any terrain currently without a colour sticker will be matched up soon)

If you turn up and there isn't a box of terrain on the table you choose, feel free to grab a box of terrain from the front or from the cupboard and take it to your table.

In addition to the boxes of terrain, feel free to pick up any of the larger terrain pieces from the front/cupboard and use them on your table. We call these "centre piece" items which belong to no one box and live directly on the shelves in the metal storage cupboard. These are terrain pieces like bastions, the chaos shrine or the fortress of redemption.

There are a couple of other boxes worth mentioning:

The Skirmish Box. This is a box full of smaller terrain pieces which are perfect for skirmish style games. Pieces like crates, oil drums, small walls and barricades. Feel free to use these in any game but if you're playing skirmish games this is the box you'll want to head for. Please leave this box at the front of the hall for others to use as well

The Objective Box. This is a smaller box with a green lid (about 6" x 4") and contains many objective markers for use in various games and missions. Again feel free to take what you need but leave the box at the front of the room.

The Spares Box This is a box full of tape measures, measuring sticks and dice (and extra large "turn dice"). Free for anyone to use this box will be sitting at the front as well.

Wood Terrain Boards
There are several terrain boards at club. These are free to anyone to use who wants them! Please take care if you get getting these boards out of the storage room as they're heavy and rough around the edges.

When storing these boards away please order them to that the tops of the boards are facing each other. This helps prevent the boards chipping or scratching each other when they're moved into and out of storage. The boards should be stored on the shelves above the table racks and place on their ends (like the tables below them) so we can fit all the boards in left to right.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys, alot of this is common sense and already practised by most people but hopefully it'll help us all set up and pack down quicker and keep our terrain and tables looking nice.
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