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Hi there

Postby Shortseer » Fri Aug 09, 2013 11:34 am


I thought I would post on here as I've a few questions and am interested in attending your club in the not so far distant future.

I'm returning to the hobby after some 15 years out after getting my old models and paints out of the parent's loft. I was never that into the playing of the game with my main focus being on painting. I've taken back up the painting since the beggining of last month and am now thinking it might be nice to play with the models and meet some new people. Your club is pretty near (I live near Falconwood) so here I am.

I see you are welcoming to teach players new games but would this stretch to helping teach 40k? I've never really learned the rules and only ever played during 2nd edition. The One List League seems a little too full on for what I'd be able to do but the odd game on a Monday would be appealing.

What points range do you usually play on Mondays? Looking at my collection it is a bit of everything without a focused army. I'm currently looking at what army I would most like to round off and add to, plus possibly repaint my older models. My budget is fairly limited so the target point limit would help me factor what new models to buy.

Please feel no rush to answer my questions. I see that the club is shut for a couple of weeks and have joined the facebook group. I might post a bit on the forum though if that is fine by everyone before coming down.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Hi there

Postby irdeaded » Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:09 pm

im sure one of the officers will do all the official welcomes and things but for now,

yeah there are guys at club who would gladly do intro games for 40k, your not alone in people who have come along who haven't played in a while (when i started around this time last year i hadn't properly played for a few years) and have wanted a few casual games to get them caught up to how the game has changed (also wouldn't worry about not knowing the new rules to much we are about a year into 6th ed and i don't think there has been a game at club where someone hasn't checked the rule book or asked someone a question cause we cant remember the rules), the league that's being run at the moment is very casual, there is no set nights that it is done on its purely turn up and see if there is someone you haven't played in it yet so no one is going to not play you cause its league night. As for what size games do we normally play, its generally 1750pts (like the league) as that's the best size to be able to get a game done without having to worry about rushing to much, but people can easily play less if you want to start lower to build up a force.

i would suggest that the first time you come down either send a message to one of the officers or post up on the facebook page and that way someone can arrange to make sure you get a game just in case there is something going on that night that might limit the amount of 40k players (magic draft nights, skirmish night or some other kind of theme night)
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Re: Hi there

Postby Tom Kent » Sun Aug 11, 2013 10:30 pm

Hi Craig,

Irdeaded pretty much covered the basics there...

Our standard game size is 1750 points, but you'll be able to play any size game as an intro, if you haven't played a game in 15 years, you'll probably want someone to run you through a tiny 200 point game first.

As Irdeaded said, just give us a message on the facebook group or on here when you're coming down and we can make sure someone is free to run you through the game basics. It may even be easier to not bring any models with you the first night and we can provide everything you need to learn on the night.

Normally you can just turn up and find someone to play on the night. Some may pre-arrange a game on facebook or on here, usually if they want to play something specific or non-40k/magic.

Your first night of play at the club is free. However we also only "charge" when people actually participate in play. At the moment if you turn up and just socialise or paint models, we don't charge you subs for that.

I don't know if you have access to the current rulebook or codex for your army, so it may be worth turning up, getting an intro game and looking at some of the armies around the hall before you buy anything. I'm sure if you ask, people will even let you have a look at their army codex so you can see if that army tiggles your fancy.

I would point out that we're a very laid back club. We care more about having a good time and exploring the fluff & hobby than power gaming and rules-perfect players; So I'm sure you'll fit right in :D
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Re: Hi there

Postby Shortseer » Tue Aug 13, 2013 12:01 pm

Thank you both for taking the time to reply.

It looks as though there are a few people intending on joining similar to myself so perhaps we could all learn together!?

I counted up my Dark Angels and can stretch them to a 1750pt army. Would be a mix of painting and wouldn't seem the greatest of armies but I'm sure I could learn with them and enjoy playing with them for the most part. I'm certainly happy with how my Tactical Squad is coming along now I've nearly finished painting them. I might aim to build an Eldar Army as well in the long term as I have many of their models also and wouldn't need much to make them into a very good army.

I'll look into what I could do with 200pts and put something up in the FB page and possibly here when I know I'll be coming down.


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