Necromunda Campaign Draws To A Close

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Necromunda Campaign Draws To A Close

Postby Tom Kent » Wed Apr 10, 2013 4:21 pm

As you may know ever since August 2012 Bexley Reapers has been running a "Necromunda Night" on the third Monday of every month. This ongoing campaign was designed to run until August 2013, however we're currently 9 months into the campaign and there is a clear front runner in the lead.

It's at this point we have decided to award overall victory of the lead to Mike and his themed Van Saar gang which at this point is almost double the gang rating over anyone else in the campaign.

Under Mike's leadership his Van Saars have taken on multiple opposing gangs at the same time on several occasions and emerged unscathed. His gang has cemented themselves into Hive Wissensturm's hierarchy and gained the "co-operation" of many influential people in the Hive from both the ruling classes and those who man the factories and warehouses through the Hive.

Mike has earned himself a free asset of TUNNELS for use in this year's apocalypse game for free in addition to his normally selected asset.

Congratulations Mike!
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