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Postby irdeaded » Wed Jul 09, 2014 3:35 pm

What can I use for deepstriking:

we are using the blanket term deepstrike to cover anything that does not enter the board from table edges so any item that helps with that will allow you to enter the board at its location, how ever you will only gain the special rules for the item it the units entering it are the corresponding units (for example a locator beacon only stops drop pods from scattering). The items that will effect deep strike are as follows

Chaos deamons: Icons, warp beacon (6 on the warlord on traits)
Chaos marines: Icons
Dark eldar: Webway portal
Eldar: Farseers
Grey knights: Teleport homers
Necrons: Monolith
Orks: Boss pole
Sisters of battle: Loud hailer
Marines: Teleport homer, Locator beacon
tau: Homing beacon
Tyranids: Lictors

When referring to the percentage of the army allowed on the sideboard is that per player or for the team
It refers to the team

Are a unit and their dedicated transport considered seperatly for the purposes of the campaign
If a transport is destroyed in a game it must miss the next game, if the transport survives but its unit is wiped out it can not be taken again till its unit returns

Do the units in my campaign list have to match units in my apocalypse list
No, for fluff reasons it would be nice if they are from the same faction but the campaign represents first response units in the force whilst the apocalypse game is the main body of the army

Who do I have to submit my lists to and when is the deadline
Lists are to be submitted to sam@reaperswargaming.co.uk by the night before the first games, Apocalypse list are arranged with your own team. Although lists are not needed till the event please can you let the organisers know your faction(s) as soon as possible to help withh team allocation

Does the 3500pt list have to be taken from the one codex
Not from the same codex but the same faction, for example space marines, blood angel's and space wolves are all "armies of the imperium"

In the campaign if a unit is wiped out and i the miss the next weeks game are they still missing from my roster
Units that are wiped out are missing from the next game you play regardless of if it the next week or you miss a couple of games

Can we use data sheets, formations and assets from the previous edition
if the formation or asset in question has not been updated then yes they may be used, the points cost for them are ignored and any rules queries they may raise should be brought to an umpire

The iron hands legion finest hour adds 1 to "the dice roll" when making armour saves, would this mean a marine in power armour has a 2+ save or do you add to your roll so the armour would still be ignored by an AP3 weapon
an AP3 or lower weapon would still ignore the armour save however you would only need to roll a 2 or more on the dice to pass a 3+ save

If you lose a named character during the campaign, do you also lose the allowance?
Any changes a character would grant to list writing would be done at the initial 3500pt list so if a character dies he would still affect the slot a unit was bought for (for example if he makes an elites choice troops they would still be a troop choice), this also applies to non special characters that effect units (and if a units is bought in this role it stays in it for the whole campaign no switching units between FoC slots between games
40k: guard/marines/chaos/tau
Deadzone: enforcers and rebs
Fantasy: skaven
Dystopian wars: antartica
Malifaux: reserectionist
Dredball: terratons
Dust: SSU

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