the first campaign

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the first campaign

Postby irdeaded » Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:11 pm

basic weekly rules
Okay here is the campaign rules for this our first venture into a deadzone

This is going to be a 6 week campaign running from the Monday 3rd of March till Sunday the 13th of April (results will be given on the 14th both on the league board and at club), every Monday there will be a weekly update on here as to the factions rankings. People are free to join this at any point and you do not need to play any games at the club so if real life or other gaming commitments (currently things like DnD and the fantasy league) get in the way of playing on a Monday night you will not be at a disadvantage, the way the deadzone campaign system works is that you are always playing a 70pt game so even if you are playing your first game and they are playing their 8th you are still at equal points (people who lvl up become more expensive so you get less to the team)

The first club night everyone taking part will be randomly paired with each other after this first game everyone is open to play anyone else in the the campaign at any time and you may play as many games in a week as you can personally manage (either at club or in their own time) there are only 2 restrictions in this, you cannot play the same person twice in a row (unless its a club night and there is no other option) and secondly the first games on each club night will be decided by the challenge system, this follows some basic steps:

Every player will be ranked based on previous game results, the lowest player then picks any other player who is at club to play deadzone that night to challenge them if they wish. The challenged player can then except or decline, if you decline the challenger gains 5 reputation (for anyone without a main rule book i will explain reputation when i cover picking faction forces). Once this challenge has been decided then the next lowest ranked player without a match is allowed to challenge, this is repeated till everyone has a match

Any games played outside club are to have their results recorded on the battle report section by sunday night to count towards the next weeks starting rankings (anything after this will be counted towards the next week)

as we are fighting in the proxy sector you will be allowed to use proxy models, (not all the models for all the factions have been released yet), you will still need a faction deck for the faction and the stat cards for the models, these do come in the faction starter packs (printed copies of the digital decks sent in the PDFs to kickstarter backers are acceptable)

Picking factions:

When picking a strike force you first of all pick a 140pt force, this will then be used as a list to pick from when you play the weekly games. In a campaign there are some restrictions placed on what you can hire as a starting force, you begin with the ability to hire any model listed as a trooper (no specialists, rares or leaders) everything else you would normally be able to hire (including purchasing equipment) is locked. to unlock them you need clearance levels, you begin a campaign with 3 of these and you can purchase more as you earn reputation.

as an example of this as a enforcer faction you could begin with the ability to buy standard enforcers, assault enforcers or enforcer defenders as basic troops and then use clearance to unlock the peace keeper captain, enforcer with burst laser and frag grenades from the stores. I would then make a 140pt list from those options and then for each game pick up to 70pts (a strike team) i wanted to use for that mission

post game info
at the end of the game there are a set of 7 steps to follow
1. return items to stores, any items that models are carrying at the end of the game get returned to the stores. Even if they are items you have not bought with clearance you can still keep them (you just cant buy any extra ones)
2. calculate reputation, you earn 1 rep for each victory point you scored in your mission, you gain 2pts if you complete any core mission goals (the objectives highlighted in red on the mission card), you gain 2pts if you win the game you lose 3pts if you used a mercenary (hiring on these will be covered later). the most rep you can earn from 1 game is 14pts the minimum is 0pts (so having a merc can not make you lose from your current rep)
3. Resolve experience points, each model gains 1pt for playing in a game and 1pt for each model they kill. to go up a lvl you need to earn as many pts as the lvl, so to go from lvl 1-2 you need 2pts, for 2-3 you need 3pts, you can not gain more than 1 lvl from a game and you do not gain any experience in a game where you die or are injured. when you lvl up there is a table to roll on to see what bonus you gain, this will be included somewhere else as the ability section is quite large
4. chose a new clearance, you automatically gain 1 new clearance for playing a battle (not just cause something is unlocked with a clearance does not mean it has been bought into the roster yet you still need to spend rep pts on them)
5. Spending rep, you may spend rep in 5 ways, you can buy items (item cost is the amount of rep to buy one) you may recruit a new team member from the clearance lvls you have (the model cost is the rep cost to recruit) you may unlock additional clearance lvls (4pts a lvl) you may give emergency aid so that an injured model does not miss a mission (1pt) or you may try and resurrect anyone who died in the last game (3pts)
6. update roster, make any changes to your roster based on deaths and rep spending
7. fresh recruits, if for any reason your strike force (your 140pt pool to pick from) drops to below 70pts of models available fore your next game then high command reinforce you with fresh recruits, you gain basic troops (specific to each faction) until you are again to 70pts, these models are at a -1 dice penalty to all tests due to being new for their first game

hiring mercenaries
during the first week mercs will not be available to hire (your all to new to attract their attention yet, after this i will randomly determine which mercs will be available to hire for that week (it will change every week), once they have been chosen the list will be added on to here (merc list) these are hired using any unspent rep (the system to work out who gets first choice to hire is still being worked out but will be sorted before we start)

i do have every merc that may be used in the campaign (and am busily painting them all up for use) on club nights i will have these with me for lending out for games but for people playing outside of club feel free to proxy if you do not have the model (or its one that was just for kickstarter people)
40k: guard/marines/chaos/tau
Deadzone: enforcers and rebs
Fantasy: skaven
Dystopian wars: antartica
Malifaux: reserectionist
Dredball: terratons
Dust: SSU

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