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Battle reports

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 4:27 pm
by irdeaded
for those who are playing outside of club nights please post results up on here, if you wish to post it as a battle report that is absolutely fine but please at either the beginning or end (or both) could you list who won, what the final rep for each player was and how many deaths there were on your team (going to be using all 3 in the results table)

Re: Battle reports

Posted: Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:01 pm
by The Evil Hobo
Battle vs Tom's enforcers:

Victor: Me
Kills for: 5(entire team wiped out)
Kills against: 2(ripper suit and a commando)
Rep gained:
me: 14, tom: 0

Re: Battle reports

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:50 pm
by irdeaded
Cyphers stalkers VS Da Anti Oomie Leeg

final points:
me: 9pts, 1 kill, 3 deaths
mike: 14pts, 3 kills 1 death

Cyphers stalkers took to the filed again and this time they had a cunning plan on how to deal with the marauders, my mission flip gave me survival as a core mission with bonus pts for any kills, with the abilty to score 1 vp every turn as long as i had half my pts on the table and with a commander worth 29 of my 70pts all i had to do was keep him alive with 1 other guy to be scoring.

for this mission my choice was failry simple it was just my 5 man team i had on the roster of commander, burst laser, missile launcher and 2 assault enforcers, mike took his mauler suit that did all the damage last game, his basic commander, the rain maker ripper suit he bought from our last game, a pyro and 3 commando's

the flip gave mike first turn and for his deployment he went with a fairly basic spread deployment with while not really opening himself up to clear LoS from me, for my deployment i huddled behind the 1 building that complexity blocked line of sight (stage 1 of cunning plan, protect the leader and the specialists), the first turn involved much moving into position and the start of the frag blasts from the rain maker into my groups throwing people around and not doing much else (other than the first turn shot wounding 1 assault enforcer), the only other thing of note from the first few turns was the rain maker rolling to see if it could shot again after its first frag blast and giving me control of 1 weapon, i promptly chose the H.E.W laser with its mighty AP3 to fire at the command mauler suit that had cursed me so in the last game, mike promptly added a survival card and thus it failed to hurt him but on the plus side it was the only time in the whole game it got to shoot more than 1 weapon a turn

Imageenforcers sneaking up on the marauders

the rest of the game consisted of much moving and unpinning on both sides with the occasional pot shots until the final 3 turns where the 2 assault enforcers that had been edging along the board were in a position to pounce, the first one charged the lone pyro and managed to kill him combat, mike in his go then counter charged with a comando and wounded the enforcer in return, in my next turn the 2nd assault enforcer was able to get in to lend his support to the fight but between them they failed to hurt the commando, in mikes penultimate turn he charged his combat suit that did all the damage last game into the fight using a command action and killed 1 enforcer and then used his normal activation to kill the second, to top the round off he then manged to kill the missile launcher with a random potshot from a commando.

the next turn i played my last card and ran the burst laser and the commander out of sight of anything on mikes side and we counted victory points, my survival score was 6 and i got 1 bonus point for the kill of the pyro taking me to 7pts, mikes mission was to control Z and capture x & Y with bonus points for kills takings his total up to 10 meaning he got the bonus 2 pts for winning and we both gained the 2 bonus points for a core mission, all in all the game was fairly close, the missile launcher failing to kill 1 commando for 4 turns (the same one that then killed him) and the assault enforcers second rounds of combat being won would of possibly gained me 3 more kills taking me to 10pts and making the game a draw

Imagehiding fully out of LoS

as my force is now just down to a burst laser and a captain i no longer have a legal strike force for games so next time i get 3 basic troopers for free to get me back to the minimum of 70pts (this was almost the other part of the cunning plan, if the 2 assault guys had finished the game wounded they would of had to miss a game so i would of had free reinforcements taking me to a force over 70pts and giving me a little variety in games)

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Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:46 pm
by Tom Kent
images no worky!

Re: Battle reports

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 1:48 pm
by irdeaded
i had moved the pictures into a different folder