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various resources that may be needed

items that may be unlocked with clearance
all these items are available to buy from the stores once unlocked with clearance (it only take 1 clearance to unlock the cost listed will then be to buy per item wanted)

ammo: 1pt (one use) gives a +2 bonus to blaze away tests
Ap ammo: 2pts (one use) adds an extra AP1 to a single shoot action
energy shields: X+1pts, when model with the shield suffers damage roll a number of dice equal to X each 6+ rolled ignore 1 point of damage if more 1's are rolled than passes after absorbing any damage that time the shield then stops working permanently (so a shield that has 3 dice to protect costs 4pts to buy)
frag grenade: 3pts (one use)
holo sight: 3pts aim gives +2 dice instead of +1
medi pack: 3pts (one use) use on your self or friendly model in the same cube as a long action to heal them back from damage
sentry gun: 5pts a deploy able weapon that can only be set up by an engineer (enforcers are the only people who start with these rest can get team members with it from upgrades)
smoke grenade: 2pts (one use)
stealth cloak: 5pts reduces the amount of shoot dice against you by 2 or blaze away by 1
targeter: 1pt model counts as having the spotter rule

enforcer unit clearances
list of enforcer models that have to be unlocked
peacekeeper captain (leader)
enforcer sergeant (leader)
enforcer with burst laser (specialist)
enforcer incinerator (specialist)
enforcer with missile launcher (specialist)
enforcer sniper (specialist)
enforcer with thermal riffle (specialist)
enforcer with fussion gun (specialist)
enforcer medic (specialist)
enforcer engineer (rare)

plague unit clearances
Plague stage 1A (leader)
plague stage 3A general (leader)
plague stage 2A (specialist)
plague 3A HMG (specialist)
plague stage 3A "boom stick" (specialist)
plague swarm (specialist)
plague terraton (rare)
plague stage 3A mortar team (rare)

Marauder unit clearances
Maruder warlord (leader)
Ripper mauler suite (leader)
commando captain (leader)
commando sergeant (leader)
goblin sniper (specialist)
mawbeast bomber (specialist)
comando pyro (specialist)
ripper suit rain maker (specialist)
marauder hulk (rare)
goblin guntrack (rare)

rebs unit clearances
yindij sergeant (leader)
rebel commander (card lists it as specialist but somewhere i believe they said it should be a leader but need to check)
rebel gorgan with onslaught cannon (specialist)
rebel gorgan with desolator (specialist)
rebel terraton (specialist)
kraaw warrior (specialist)
judwan medic (specialist)
zee scavenger (rare)
rebel weapons team (rare)
40k: guard/marines/chaos/tau
Deadzone: enforcers and rebs
Fantasy: skaven
Dystopian wars: antartica
Malifaux: reserectionist
Dredball: terratons
Dust: SSU

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