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Campaign 2

Posted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:40 pm
by irdeaded
more information to follow but the second deadzone campaign is looking to start up Monday 13th October, it will follow the same casual mechanics as the first one and is open to new and existing players (however all crews will be new starting forces) and will allow all units available to the factions within them (this includes items like the strider's that are coming out soon)

Re: Campaign 2

Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2014 5:36 pm
by irdeaded
okay as there is only a couple of weeks to go before this is due to kick off time to start getting people to sign up and giving you guys the info

This is going to be a 7 week campaign running from the Monday 13th october till monday 24th of november, but week 7 will be a special game (either multi player or using the plague zombies or both dependent on number of players) every Monday there will be a weekly update on here as to the factions rankings. People are free to join this at any point and you do not need to play any games at the club so if real life or other gaming commitments (halloween night for example) get in the way of playing on a Monday night you will not be at a disadvantage, the way the deadzone campaign system works is that you are always playing a 70pt game so even if you are playing your first game and they are playing their 8th you are still at equal points (people who lvl up become more expensive so you get less to the team)

The first club night everyone taking part will be randomly paired with each other after this first game everyone is open to play anyone else in the the campaign at any time and you may play as many games in a week as you can personally manage (either at club or in their own time) there are only 2 restrictions in this, you cannot play the same person twice in a row (unless its a club night and there is no other option) and secondly the first games on each club night will be decided by the challenge system, this follows some basic steps:

Every player will be ranked based on previous game results, the lowest player then picks any other player who is at club to play deadzone that night to challenge them if they wish. The challenged player can then except or decline, if you decline the challenger gains 5 reputation. Once this challenge has been decided then the next lowest ranked player without a match is allowed to challenge, this is repeated till everyone has a match

Any games played outside club are to have their results recorded on the battle report section by Sunday night to count towards the next weeks starting rankings (anything after this will be counted towards the next week)

as we are fighting in the proxy sector you will be allowed to use proxy models (seeing as mantic seem to be unable to ship all the items for some of the factions despite them being stupidly late now till november), you will still need a faction deck for the faction and the stat cards for the models, these do come in the faction starter packs (printed copies of the digital decks sent in the PDFs to kickstarter backers are acceptable)

hiring mercs will be allowed from the very first game of the campaign this time round. when unlocking a clearance lvl for your faction (either from your initial 3 or as you progress) you may use 1 lvl to unlock a specific mercenary, they have to be willing to work for faction (please double check the FAQ at the end of this for some slight amendments to some of the mercs for this) to do this but once unlocked and bought they may fight for your faction for every game they are eligible to. You may only ever unlock one mercenary and recruit them once, so when choosing to unlock one make sure you consider you options carefully. during the campaign the mercenary suffers injuries just like any other member of the team and as such run the risk of dying, they may be revived following the normal rules and as such they may gain stat penalties. it is also worth noting that mercs never gain xp during a game so will never make advancement rolls either (such is the risk of looking for help from an outside source)

there is no restriction on multiple people hiring the same mercs so it is possible to face an opponent using the same one as you

please register your self to take part here viewtopic.php?f=50&t=833


the rebs commander card should say leader not specialist
the rebs survey drones should have the construct ability
the 6 "commander" mercs (1 for each faction) that were in the wave 2 kick starter shipments are restricted to their own faction (they were origanaly advertised as named leaders and prefer the idea that each faction gets at least 1 merc that is just for them) this effects Sargent Howlett (enforcers), Aqissiaq (plauge), Eddak P'mera (rebs), Chief radgrad (maruders), Nem-rath (asterian) and Bjarn Starfall (forge fathers)