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Retirement of Officers

Postby Robstrosity » Fri Nov 28, 2014 1:23 pm

In case you missed the facebook post:


Myself and Mr Tom Kent would like to announce our retirement as officers of the club.

After helping to found the club in 2010, I think the time is now right to hand over the reins in order to keep on improving the club. With other commitments building up and taking priority (notably paintball, exams, paintball, work and paintball...) I don't feel that I can continue to commit the necessary time and passion to do the club justice.

It's been a fantastic journey watching "my baby" grow from sometimes having as little as two 40k players in that first year right up to where we are now, regularly filling the hall with an ever widening variety of games, running weekend long events (with plenty of sponsors!) and starting to collaborate with other local clubs to run even bigger tournaments and events.

Tom has done a fantastic job running most of the events and themed nights, especially working with Sam on the Apocalypse weekends, putting together most of our current terrain (including some scratch built boards), as well as making the creative themed games we use at wargaming shows. Again, it's down to outside commitments cutting down his spare time and I'd like you all to give Tom a huge thanks for the work that he's been doing.

Rest assured, neither of us are leaving the club - we've made far too many good friends here to run away from you lot and Tom has a few projects he'd like to see through.

There will be more details to follow, but the intention is for volunteers to come forward for the vacant officer roles and for the club members to take a vote in December on who will be part of the new board. In the meantime Sam Wharton and Thomas Johnson will continue with the officers duties, assisted by Daniel Chalaye

It really has been both a pleasure and an unforgettable experience.
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