Apocalypse: Pegasus FAQ Thread

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Apocalypse: Pegasus FAQ Thread

Postby Tom Kent » Mon Jul 27, 2015 8:00 am

Here you can ask FAQ questions and we'll update the OP with the answers.

1. Sadly I cannot get to many of the warm up games including hero hammer. Therefore how do I choose / get allocated a primary objective?
> Tell us what sort of army you'll have and your ordered preference of a shooting kill, melee kill or capture type objective and we'll try to get you your highest preference giving people on the night first choice.

2. Turn 1 deployment. Can flyers be deployed turn 1 and do they start on the table or fly on during their turn?
> Not deployed but can fly on first turn from your deployment edge/beacon

3. Deployment via beacon. Can flyers deploy via the beacon?
> Yes

4. I trust troops embarked on a transport count towards the 1000 points per turn deployment?
> They do

5. What are the pyramids...?
> Nothing too important. Impressive terrain features and related to some peoples personal secret objectives and do a good job at blocking some LoS

6. Do ongoing reserves count towards the 1000pt per turn reinforcements?
> No

7. Are there any restrictions on scout or infiltrate?
> Scout and infiltrate work as normal. The only exception being that units deploying using infiltrate cannot deploy with the beacon. nb units deployed in this way count towards your first turn deployment points limit.

8. Also how does outflank work?
> When arriving using Outflank, your units may arrive anywhere on the board edge that is not on or within 6" of an enemy 12" deployment edge.
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