Dreadball Season One

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Dreadball Season One

Postby Tom Kent » Tue Nov 12, 2013 3:32 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen of various species; It is with great pleasure that I announce Reaper's first Dreadball league, "Season One".

Commencing next Monday 18th November, it'll run informally through to January 2014

The idea is that each coach plays every other coach in the league once. As we can get 2/3 games in a night this shouldn't be too hard to do in a month or so.

Teams will be ranked by their value in "mc" first, and their league points second. Remember that MVPs do not count towards your value!

League will be played as the rules in the Season 1 rulebook, but any team from Season 1 - 3 may be used with additional rules from those books as required.

Any queries or disputes will be resolved by the League Sponsor (me).

Players are encouraged to play any club night they desire, not just Skirmish Nights as was previously popular.

New players can enter the league at any time, they'll just have to play a few games to catch up!
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Re: Dreadball Season One

Postby irdeaded » Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:09 pm

40k: guard/marines/chaos/tau
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Fantasy: skaven
Dystopian wars: antartica
Malifaux: reserectionist
Dredball: terratons
Dust: SSU

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