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doubles tournament

Postby irdeaded » Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:20 pm

Bexley reapers will be hosting a 1000pt doubles weekend at Wayland games centre (apparently its no longer called table top nation) on Saturday 10th of January, this open to everyone not just club members.

it will be blind doubles being picked randomly before the start of each game, 1000pts a player with no super heavies or lords of war (with the exception of the characters that will be listed in an FAQ to come). forces are to be 1 combined arms detachment with up to 1 allies detachment, supplement books are allowed but no 30k (full list details can be found in the rules pack to come)

we will be using our own custom missions that can be find in the rules back

the event will cost £3 per person with all the money going into a prize fund with the number of prizes being decided based on the number of players but there will at least be a prize for first and a prize for themed army (the more players the better the prize) entry fee is to be paid by no later than Monday 22nd December (last Monday club meeting before christmas) and is payable to either a club officer or through paypal on the club website (

a full timetable for the event can also be found in the rules pack
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