1500 Thousand Sons Army List

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1500 Thousand Sons Army List

Postby Wulfmar » Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:42 pm

Please find below my 1500 point army list for the Thousand Sons.

It's a general list I don't mind tweaking - but I do have a few things I refuse to change:

a) The two Thousand Sons squad sizes - I like the fluff from Prospero Burns and Thousand Sons. Keeping the squads at 9 in a nod to the background
b) I'm not going to use allies with this particular list - I can't afford them financially and I already have them planned with my 1500 Death Guard
c) I'm not a fan of spamming lots of cheap units - I like to keep what I have alive (particularly with this army as they are automatons - as for my deathguard... well, who cares about zombies anyway - I'm trying something different here)

Opinion on army list strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement appreciated. List idea is supposed to be moderately fluffy.

Thousand Sons
(175 points)
+2 additional mastery levels
Mark of Tzeentch
Terminator Armour
Force Axe and combi bolter
Sigil of Corruption

Note: This guy has a +2 armour save, +3 inv. save and the aim is to get him in to where he can cause upset in the thick of things

+1 additional mastery level
Terminator Armour

Note: This guy hangs back with the Thousand Sons and lets fly with his spells

Thousand Sons Squad (x8 and x1 aspiring sorcerer)
Chaos Rhino transport

Thousand Sons Squad (x8 and x1 aspiring sorcerer)
Chaos Rhino transport

Chaos Space Marines (x9 and x1 aspiring champion)
x2 Plasma Gun

Note: Standard marines can be used for holding objectives or as a meat shield for the Thousand Sons


Obliterator Squad (x2 Obliterators)
x2 Mark of Nurgle

Note: Deep Strike for either vehicle killing or Troop killing. Has MoN to avoid instant gib out of necessity (but will be painted as Thousand Sons)

Chaos Terminators (x4 Terminators and x1 Terminator Champion)
x1 Chain Fist
x1 Power Fist
x2 Power Axes
x1 Power Maul
x5 Mark of Tzeentch

Note: Deep Strike for either vehicle or troop killing

Heavy Support

(135 pts)
Havoc Squad (x4 havocs and x1 aspiring champion)
x4 missile launchers

Note: Sit back and shoot - if needed can be upgraded to also have x2 flakk at the cost of Secondary sorcerers terminator armour.

The majority of the army (Thousand Sons, Sorcerers, Terminators) have silly invulnerable saves (3+ and 4+) and good standard saves (2+ and 3+) while other units are just tough to kill while being able to fire armour piercing rounds.

On a side note - how effective would this list be against Space Marines / Grey Knights? :twisted:


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Re: 1500 Thousand Sons Army List

Postby Tom Kent » Thu Feb 28, 2013 10:49 am

I think there's a lack of replies because it looks pretty solid. And with a fluff backing there's really no reason to change it.

Also maybe because not many people know the Chaos Codex yet :p
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Re: 1500 Thousand Sons Army List

Postby the_heritor » Fri Mar 01, 2013 7:45 pm

I quite like the look of the Banner Of Flame - Soulblaze isn't game changing, but having it on a Havoc Squad (9 of them, of course) with Heavy Bolters could be quite nice :)

If I was sticking a Tzeentch list together, I think personally I'd make a little more use of the Daemon/Mark Of Tzeentch combo (or even more Terminators) to improve some Invulnerable Saves. Obliterators get it in your list, and the 2 Sorcerers get 3+/4+ Inv. respectively, but maybe some Warp Talons or Possessed might be quite useful with 4+ as well!

As for Marine/Grey Knight opponents: AP3 Bolters would scare the crap out of anything that relies on Power Armour. As a bitter Dark Eldar player, I'd find it funny to watch...

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