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To Do list

Postby XionXxen » Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:27 pm

Part of this is to update my White Scars Army, part potentially for Apoc 2014. Almost all of it is sitting on my desk waiting me to start somewhere.

  • Build 8 x Gravgun Bikers
  • Adjust 10 x Command Squad Bikers to carry Gravguns
  • Convert 2 Special weapon Bikers to normal ones
  • Build 13 Catphractii Terminators (10 normal, 1 Praetor, 1 Medicae, 1 Librarian)
  • Build 8 Jetbikers (5 Command Squad, 1 Praetor, 1 Medicae, 1 Librarian)
  • Convert Land-Raider to Spartan (Using various parts off eBay + standard LR)
  • Build 15 Sternguard (new + old)
  • Build 3 Centurions (Possibly converting their weapons to be shoulder mounted, or some way better looking)
  • Build 2 Stormravens
  • Convert 3 Terminator Librarians
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Re: To Do list

Postby Tom Kent » Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:42 pm

Wow that's alot to do! I particularly like the centurion shoulder mount idea, make 'em look more like the older tau broadsides
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