The Chronicles of Scabieathrax

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The Chronicles of Scabieathrax

Postby chocmushroom » Fri Sep 26, 2014 2:00 pm


He feels it, a place that is ripe for infection. There also seems to be others wanting to go there, this is good, as we need bodies for the diseases worm into, but we also need to be able to survive to start the spreading. For this reason Scabieathrax is sending of his beloved fat ones Bileanus and Cholangioc to see what is there, and help prepare for his coming.
The worlds, where ever they are, beware.

Scouting party one.
Bileanus was sent out to see what was on the planet which looks like a good staging post. He took a few of his children with him, being his Pukeing buddy Mamon, dedicated servants of 'The seeping Bile, The Oozing Cholangioc and the Refluxing Endicrinces. The little Bile Swalloers wanted to come along for the fun, and he could not keep Chilagioc's Little Hounds away, as they were very happy to have a run. The Caustic Sizzlers were there, along with Sniffle, Snuggles and Fluffy.

The Hounds and Sizzlers were having fun, playing fetch with a few bones, when they spied something moving in the distance. They looked Green, but not the right type, so they must have been orks, but they seems to just have a load of small tanks, and two big somthing'A'Naughts. These seemed to be in the way of our advance, so we thought they would be good hosts to fester some Nurgles Rot.

As we approached them, all them little tanks shot, and somehow banished all of the Refluxing Endicrines (12 Plaguebearers) back to the Warp.
This annoyed Bileanus, so he came out of the warp along with Mamon and Snuggles, to get some revenge. We landed near a load of Grots and this big ork with some strange machine, but these all died due to the vomits we spewed forth when landing, and then Chilagiocs hounds killed the big Orks, slobbering him into stillness. The Sizzlers tried to take revenge on them small tanks which took out the Refluxers, and were doing well, until they thought they could take out the big metal monster, they seemed like they were hurting it, but all these little grots were running around trying to patch up the holes of rust our weapons were making, and it stomped them out, back to the warp. This made Snuggles mad, as he had enjoyed watching the game of fetch they always had with the hounds, so he went in to take revenge.
This did not go well, as it once more sent another of our bothers back to the warp, This was happening away from Bileanus and Mamon, who thought that they would take out the other big Naught thing, they charged in, along with The Seeping bile (plaguebearers) , although Bileanus was himself slowed down a bit, he had gained a bit more bulk from feasting before the skirmish started, and the Seeping bile had almost finished of this metal monster before Bileanus went in there slashing at it with the relic of the Eternal blade which he was using. After we destroyed this machine, rusting it down to scrap, the rest of the Orks seemed to loose heart and just up and ran away. As we never do much running, and know that we had infected most of the ones who still lived, we didn't give chase, we would just leave them to help spread our Rot to the rest of their tribe.

We will carry one exploring this planet, and setting down more pestilence along the way.

Who was banished back to the warp:
The Refluxing Endicrines (12 Plaguebearers)
Snuggels: (Plague Hulk)
Caustic Sizzlers (3 Plague Drones)
Sniffle (Blight Drone)
Chilagioc's Littl Hounds (3 Beast of Nurgle).

Day Two

The lost relic of Flemmino-alexerdrous.
This relic has the ability to cure some of the most amusing diseases which Nurgle can bestow, though to be lost to the worlds but there has now been a rumour that it was spotted on the planet, so Scabierthax sent his trusted Great unclean one Cholangioc the Oozing to recover it. He went with his Herald Duodenum the Exude and his Exude of Plaguebearers, along with the Seeping Bile, the Gastroiminal Seepers, The puppies of Bilaeanu's came along for the fun, along with Colesevelam who wanted to Decimate something, The Virulence Leapers, who were as always scouting ahead and Fluffy the Soul Grinder.

When Fluffy, the Leapers and the puppies were getting close to the relic we noticed them fishy people with lots of guns were also trying to recover it, it was now a race to reach, and the winners would get to carry out the ritual to either activate or destroy it.

It did not start out to bad, as the puppies thought it was a game of fetch, and ran up and collected the relic in their slobbering mouths, with Fluffy covering them by shooting a few of them horrid creatures which put laser markers on you. The fish people decided then that they would not try to collect the relic, just to shot anyone who had it. They shot the puppies, but these are hardy beasts and do not go down easy, but they were hurt. They also did not like Fluffy, and it seemed that our God was not pleased with him for something, as nothing they shot at him got turned aside by his power, and Fluffy was sucked back into the warp.

Now was the time to call in Cholangioc from the warp, and he landed close to them, then made himself as tough as could be, as he knows the fish people can hurt with their shooting. At the same time the Daemon Prince Secreta the Creeping knew that they may shoot well, but had weak minds, he flew into their midst and brought down as much of the warp power he could, and destroys over a quarter of the pitiful people around him. They then try to shot him down, but with his flying, and being blessed by the gods, nothing could hurt him, they do manage to shot and kill a puppy though, and they have some things come down near the relic and shoot at the plaguebearers there as if they were not even in that cover.

Now Cholangioc was getting mad, his favourite puppies were getting killed, and his pleaguebearers also. They were some distance away from him, so the only way he could hurt them was to kill some things, so he went up and pummelled a Devil-fish into the ground. With Secreta still burning people using the warp energy the killing was going well. The fish people decide that they may not be able to hurt Cholangioc or Secreta, so would just take it out on their pets and favourite bearers. Once again the ability to just see through all the cover went against us, and all the puppies went back to the warp.

With this, Cholangioc found some Broadsides in his way, and just walked over them, nothing could stand in his way. Secreta decided to land and join in the killing fun, but these fish people were now running away from him. They decided to focus on just destroying The Oozing Cholangiocwho had the relic, and they did.

I was hoping that Secreta would they jump over and collect the relic, but some unknown darkness came over the world, it was like someone had turned out the Sun. It also confused all the warp senses we had, and then when it came up, the fish people were gone, and somehow, it felt like we had lost this battle.

Who was banished back to the warp:
Duodenum the Exude (Herald)
The Oozing Cholangioc (14 Plaguebearers)
Bileanus's Puppies (3 Beasts of Nurgle)
The Virulence Leapers (3 Plague Drones)
and Fluffy (Soul Grinder)

Day Three

There is was, the camp of them weak Eldar, all ready to be infected with the plethora of plagues which Scabierthrax could bestow of them. The only problem was that the skinny pointed eared pansies were to weak in constitution to survive any infection long, and they just died without getting the diseases spread around much.
This did not matter to Scabierthax, and he decided that both of his Great unclean ones, Bilelanus the Seeping and Cholangioc the Oozing would both be despatched to take out the Eldar camp.
While within the warp, waiting to strike at the weak heart of the Eldar, they felt some strange power emitting nearby, and it was disconcerting.
There it was, the Relic of Flemmino-alexerdrous, pulsating with power! Somehow the Eldar had managed to activate the Relic, and the healing power of it, something known as Cilian-Pelin was oozing out in waves from the machine. It was purifying the whole area, and even emitting into the warp, and somehow this artefact was preventing the power of Nurgle manifesting in the area.

So, while Nurgle was prevented from entering the battle today, we know that they needed to find more power sources to keep the Relic going, and it was already becoming weaker, so there is now a change in plan, and Scabirerthrax was now sending his troops out to capture all these power sources, so that it would be powered down and then can be captured and destroyed.

Day Four

After the encounter with the Artifact Scabierthrax decided that just a little bit of infecting would be ideal for now, so he sent out his Great unclean one Bilelanus The Seeping to find some nice humans to infect. Through the warp Bilelanus felt the presence of humans nearby, this would be an easy day for Pox spreading.
Bilelanus sent forth the little hounds and the Caustic Sizzlers along with the Creeping Secreta under the command of Secreta to do the job for him, while he contemplated ways to recover the relic.
Bad news was sent from the Secreta, these weak humans would not be good to infect, as they had encased themselves in the metal machines known as tanks, so it was time for Bilelanus to come down himself, rip open the metal and expose the puny human skin for himself.
It seemed this bold move caused the humans to panic for an instant, and they did not react as quick as they should have and Secreta flew towards them, with the hounds and sizzlers running down the other flank. The humans started to shot at us, and they droped one of the hounds and sizzlers.

It was then that Bilelanus himself came down, along with the hulk Snuggels and some plaguebearers. Snuggels vomited over the guardsmen, who thought themselves safe in the cover, but this does not stop the vomit corroding their skin, and many guard died. The hounds and flies having already been there charged the guard who had been vomited on. After the three fights all the guard ran away, but these three units had gone down to two with a single man, and one with three.

The guard fought back, and with the first shot, their warlord takes aim at Snuggles, fires, and explodes him with his first shot., they then take revenge on the hounds and send barrage onto them, and send these units back to the warp to comfort Snuggels.

This made Bilelanus Angry, and the angry green killing monster is not nice to be around. He goes over to the guard warlords tank, infuses himself with the power of an iron arm, and punches it till it's in little bits. Mamon does the same to another tank, and even the power of Nurgle itself comes on the winds of chaos, and wipes out the three decimated units of guardsmen which are left.. Secreta does the same a punisher

After this onslaught there was not much more the guard could do, their tanks were overwhelmed, as if not being smashed by the big monsters, they were being rusted to death by the plaguebearers. It did not take long for them all to die.
Bilelanus was not in a good mood, and all the humans left alive were not infected with a slow lingering pox, which would be spread around for a few months before erupting, but with the Green Pox, and fast acting and very painful one, which leaves the victims unable to move and be spread it around.

It did not matter to Bilelanus, all the guardsmen died, and not many of his own troops did.
He did have a idea when ripping open the tanks about how the relic could be overcome, it was a thought, and it needed some fleshing out, but it may work.

Who was banished back to the warp:
Snuggels (Soul Grinder)
Chilagioc's Little hounds (Beast of Nurgle)
Caustic Sizzlers (Plague Drones)

Day Five

It’s getting nearer, the feel of the artefact is pulsating around this area. It even seems to be making it harder to manipulate warp-space around it, but if we manifest here we can be close enough to mount a strike.
So, Scabieathrax sends down his trusted Great Unclean one Cholangioc the Oozing to try and find a way through this pass. It’s looking fine until there, behind that ruin, there seems to be a big flying monster, O no, them scheming Eldar seems to have found a way of getting the Tyranids to do their bidding….. No, that seems wrong, maybe these creatures are also here to just scavenge, and know nothing about that cursed artefact or the puny Eldar.
To late to go around now, as them mindless beast have seen me, O well, may as well have a good fight, just a shame it Tyranids, as they are so resilient to any pox we’ve ever tried to give them, but they do still go down to our Plagueswords.

With the Virulence Leapers going down the side, and the Secreta the Creeping flying, it leaves Fluffy on the flank, but them three of their big monsters start flying towards him. He’s all alone on the flank, and they target him, taking him down in the end. This does leave Secreta the Creeping to try to take out most of their army. Secreta the Creeping was surprised, these Tyranids have got a lot more shooting than he expected, and one of them got lucky and forced him to the ground. This did give him the ability to hurt them up close, and by the time Cholangioc got into the fray, coming in via the warp, along with Mamon and (PB) he was already killing loads. These were only the little ones, so just ripping limbs of was the best way of dealing with them, and then the Virulence Leapers started to help also, joining in the fight.
These Tyranids did seem smarted than most, and just before Cholangioc was going to take down one of their big breeding but loads of it’s brood swarmed all over him. He did not care about them, as they could not hurt him, but it did require a lot of squishing to get past them all. In the mean time they made a big effort to take down both Mamon and Secreta the Creeping and threw everything they had at them. The shear weight of numbers, along with some mean big beasts took both of them down.
While all this was happening, the beast and some Plaguebearers who came in through the PortaGlyph took down another of their big monsters.
In this time we had The Oozing Cholangioc near some important asset, and with it we managed to turn it on, and it drove the Tyranids away. This was only a minor delay in trying to reach the Artefact, but we can feel it pulsating, it’s close and soon will be in our grasp.

Losses in the battle
Who was banished back to the warp:
Fluffy (Plague Hulk)
Mamon (Daemon Prince)
Secreta the Creeping (Daemon Prince)

Day Six

It is close. Scabieathrax can sense the relic of Flemmino-alexardrous and it seems its power is waning. He feels that once he gets past these humans blocking his path, he will have his hands on it. It seems like it’s almost time for him to make his appearance, almost, but right now to get past these human…… no wait, they are not normal humans, but what they call Space Marines. These mortals need more respect, they are more resilient to all of Nurgles plagues than most, and can be difficult to infect. It’s not a time, being so close, to hold back, so for this he will send both his Great Uncleans Ones down, to smear these Marines into dust.

To start with we send down both of the Beast of Nurgle units, and both Plague drone units, these can get close to the Marines so as to make sure that both Cholangioc the Oozing and Bilelanus the Seeping will get in close. Wait, what is this, all these marines seem to be on bikes, and are coming towards my forces fast, this will be fun.

So all these bike drive towards me before we have a chance to even get a good lay of the land, but no to worry, the puppies and the Drones all makes there way forward, and charge into combat. With all four units engaged it just becomes a mass of sticky droll, poisoned dripping plague swords and mandible jaws trying to get through the marines on bike. Both fights go well and one of the bike units decideds to race away, they then turn back and shot everything they can at the unit of Beasts now in the open. The whole army which can shot targets these, as there’s not much else around.

Now it’s time for the Daddies of Slime to come down and join the fun. Two units of Plaguebearers come down, along with both Unclean ones and the Snuggles the Soul Grinder, emulating from the warp right on target. With all this confusion we blind his main command squad which is then charged by the drones. Elsewhere the Daemons of Nurgle carry on beating up the other which are still in combat.

The marines are trying to fight back, taking shots at the Grinder and trying to hit me in combat. They are having great difficulty hitting my Daemons through the putrid fly infested haze which surrounds all of me. They do manage to take down the Snuggels, but elsewhere the battle is going in my favour. These marines may have nice shinny armour, and big bikes, but they are still just flesh underneath, and the poison we secrete still works just fine on that.

Cholangioc the Oozing thunders into his command unit, and a great challenge is issued against him. For festering of Nurgle he accepts, and splits the warlords skin, causing all types of plagues to enter his body. He cannot withstand this attack, and falls down in terrible pain, and does not rise again.
Bilelanus the Seeping finds another unit of bikers, sweeping them all aside like they were twigs on the ground, it’s now got to the stage where there are almost no Marines left, and the great host of Nurgle is almost unharmed, ready to find it’s way to the Relic, and claim great glory.

Who was banished back to the Warp:
Snuggles (Soul Grinder)
(It think that was it, may have had both unit of beasts down to one model, can’t remember if they went down or not)

Day Seven

There he is, that Tau thing which stole the relic, he does not have it with him, but so what, revenge is what’s wanted, and Ku’Garth Plaguefather is the one who is going to inflict it.

So down he goes, but wait, there seems to be a load of other…… well, some people and things who think of themselves as great hero’s, but we know they are not. Ku’Garth will make his way to the fish, and rip him a new hole in his stomach, and then fill it with loads of little Nurglings, who are looking for somewhere nice and warm to sit for a bit, as they are felling a little poorly and want to the sick.

It seems that some of these are on my side, they each seem to have an issue with the scum…. No wait, scum is a good place for mould to grow, and that’s a good thing to happen, so I cannot compare them mortals with the lovely scum. All it does seem like is that some of us are on the same side. We rush towards them, ready to fight. A fellow Damon is flying down my right hand side, and squishing the little elder, another is on my right trying to punch a grey marine into the ground. I join in his fun, and end up sucking the last of the Ooze from the first ones head, before snapping the neck of the next. My ‘allies’ are also clearing up around me, and it comes down to four of us against big fish thing in a big suit.

So, Ku’gath waddles towards it, and is about to unleash the Plague wind itself on him, when the powers which flow in the warp call him back. Scabieathrax watches, he see’s his favoured Great Unclean one falling to the fickle warp winds, but then sees the tank blow the fish-suit thing into little pieces.

So not killed by Ku’Garth, but dead with his help, A smile crosses his face, and he has a feeling things can only get better. He has found where the Relic is, its power has gone, but he knows where he can re-charge it, on a nearby planet.

But what is this, it seems that most of the mortals in this region of the galaxy are on their way to the same planet. It will require to time power up the artefact, and for some reason, I get the feeling that the same armies which put out them ‘Hero’s’ will be ‘on my side’.
Well, nothing else left for it now, no longer content with viewing everything from the Warp, it’s time for Scabieathrax to make his immense presence felt, and go and control that planet.
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Re: The Chronicles of Scabieathrax

Postby chocmushroom » Sun Oct 05, 2014 7:20 pm

Victory, I have it.
The Relic of Flemmino-alexerdrous has been recovered, and the power source is also mine. I will now have the power of Cilian-Pelin and I can study it, find out how it is disrupting my own power, combat it and maybe even turn it to my own advantage.
Today will go down as a great day, one to be remembered forever in the Chronicles of Scabieathrax
Fantasy: Daemons of Chaos, Tomb-Kings, Orc & Goblins, Skaven, Warriors of Chaos.
40k: Daemons of Chaos, Orks, Chaos Marine (not so small now, don't tell the wife that!)
Magic: Over 60 Decks, mostly fun

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